Easier upload for game files

Not planned



  • Weh

    Definitely understand where you're coming from. It can certainly be complicated to set things up at first go and get your manifests all correct. There aren't any plans to allow you to manage game files from a web UI—that wouldn't really make sense for games which are usually at least a couple gigs, if not much larger.

    Other things like drm-wrapping are done to executables themselves, not just a toggle that can be flipped, so doing that from a web UI isn't quite correct.

    I think there may be something to the suggestion of creating a tool that would help you generate your config file with manifests, but for the time being, branches and builds will be managed with the dispatch tool for the sake of flexibility of use on both personal machines and build machines.

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  • Saluki

    Alright, sounds good!

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